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4 Simple Tips to Safely Run More Miles

Running has become an accessible form of outdoor exercise in the past year. Consider the following to build your mileage gradually to stay healthy and injury-free.

Start with a Good Pair of Running Shoes

A well fitting pair of running shoes can make the difference between injury prevention and achy joints. Stop by your local running store and have them fit you for a good pair of running shoes. They will watch the way you walk and run and find a shoe that works best for your foot shape and the way your foot hits the ground.

My favorite local running stores from Caitlin Live LLC’s bases in Baltimore, MD, and Seattle, WA are Charm City Run and West Seattle Runner. To find a running store near you try Fleet Feet’s website for locations throughout the US.

Incorporate Strength Work and Cross Training

I have a heart for the injured athlete and love helping people get back to running after a post-injury bout in physical therapy. Maintaining a regular strength training routine and giving your muscles some rest from running by incorporating cross training can help you continue to build or maintain mileage without developing an overuse injury.

A sumo squat with a cross back lunge (also known as a grande plie to curtsy lunge) is one of my favorites for runners to build strength in their quads and work on ankle stability and lateral motion.

Use a Structured Training Program

Over the past 9 years I have often recommended Hal Higdon’s free online running training programs to clients looking to run their first 10K, half marathon, or marathon. His training programs developed from 30 years of professional running and coaching have proven great tools to help new runners build towards their first race and regular runners train for a longer distance or run their favorite distance faster.

Foam Roll Post-Run

Take 5 minutes after your run to use a foam roller or lacrosse ball to reduce soreness and speed up recovery time. Focus on rolling out tight spots including your quads, hamstrings, and piriformis.

Let’s Get Moving

As spring weather approaches, lace up your running shoes. Talk to me during your next training session or reach out in the contact section below to talk about training programs and strength training for running.



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