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Easy 5-Step Zoom Setup for Online Personal Training

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

With a few short steps you can optimize your workout and minimize technical issues.

Use A Large Screen Device

Sign into your session on a laptop or large-screen tablet to most easily see your personal trainer. Using a smart TV that supports screen mirroring works great if available.

Place the Device on a Table

Place your device at a higher vantage point to allow 2 views; view 1: a full body standing position

view 2: a full body laying/floor position. Tilt the screen of your device when you are shifting from standing to laying.

Turn on Lights or Face a Window

Turn on a bright light source so that your personal trainer can see your form as you move through the exercises. Avoid having windows or lighting directly behind you so you don’t end up silhouetted.

Test Your WIFI

Consider using Speed Test to test your WIFI speeds to ensure the best experience. Zoom video software works best with internet service speeds at 10 to 25 mbps for download speeds and 3 mbps for upload speeds.

Check Your Sound

Make sure your audio is turned on in your Zoom settings so you and your personal trainer are free to chat freely during your session.



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