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One-on-one live personal training workouts wherever you have WIFI with no commute and no gym membership fees.


What are the workouts like?

As a Functional Training Specialist, Caitlin will lead you through compound exercises involving multiple muscle groups and joints to improve strength, stability, and mobility. 

Check out the What is Functional Training? Blog post to learn more. 


What happens during the free consultation session?

During your first free consultation session your personal trainer will meet with you one-on-one to talk with you about your health history and current fitness status. We want to take the time to hear about where you are today at your starting point. We’ll then run you through a baseline workout of body weight exercises to help recommend a plan to meet your goals. 


What equipment do I need? 

No workout equipment is needed to get started. Lace up your athletic shoes and grab a water bottle and a phone or laptop with a video camera and meet us on Zoom. In future sessions, when it fits your ability level and goals, your personal trainer will personally recommend workout equipment that’s right for you from SPRI. 

Check out the At-Home Workout Equipment Kits from SPRI Blog post to learn more. 


Your first 2 to 4 weeks you may find your body adapting to the new challenge of functional training. In week 4 to 8 you’ll begin to feel ready to take on new challenges. By week 8 to 12 you’ll be chatting your way through what once had you out of breath. Your body adapts to the positive stresses you place on it.

Ready to take the next step? Let’s get moving. 

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"She has been a champion seeing my transformation"

"When my world changed completely, Caitlin remained one constant - pushing me to work harder and not cutting me any slack when I don't maintain my form even through the little iPad camera! With her help I equipped a great home gym and have been armed with great short and efficient workout routines to use at home and when I get back out on the road. She has been a champion seeing my transformation."

Alex, Age 44

Why Work with Caitlin

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Advanced Techniques

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