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Seeing Barriers as Helpful Information: Know Your Barriers to Plan for Success

Instead of viewing barriers to exercise as firm, inflexible, and a reason not to, I invite you to consider viewing barriers simply as information to help you make a plan to exercise that works for your life.

Ask yourself what are the things that cause you to say, “I didn’t exercise because ______,” or “I can’t exercise because_______.” Time is usually a big culprit here, which is one of the many reasons I recommend dedicating a firm time in your day for exercise that you schedule just as you would an important meeting.

As things arise that challenge this routine use the following:

Steps to Plan for Success

  1. Honestly identify barriers. How much time do you have? What resources do you have access to?

  2. Pick a time that works and an enjoyable way to move.

  3. Get moving.

  4. Repeat as new barriers arise and new fun ways of moving are discovered. If something interrupts your routine, re-evaluate your barriers and recommit to getting moving.

Exercise Lifestyle Grab-Bag

Consider that the foundation of exercise and physical activity is moving your body to develop a grab-bag of enjoyable ways to get moving so that your exercise routine fits not fights your daily routine. I can’t wait to partner with you and continue to show you ways to use the exercise equipment and movement opportunities at your disposal. Let’s get moving!



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