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What is Functional Training?

Simply put, Functional Training uses compound exercises involving multiple muscle groups and joints to improve strength, stability, and mobility.

As a Functional Training Specialist, I program workouts comprised of multi-joint movement patterns of the upper body, core, and lower body, often all three in the same exercise. A good example of this is the Stability Ball Wall Squat with Medicine Ball Overhead Raise.

Why is Functional Training Important?

Functional Training is based off of foundational human movement patterns we use in our everyday lives:

Even simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of a car involve these movement patterns, requiring you to squat, hinge, and rotate safely and effectively. Working on functional training can both improve sports performance by improving movement patterns and improve your ability to move better through your everyday life.

Who Can Do Functional Training?

Since Functional Training is based off of foundational human movement patterns you find in the course of going about your daily life, Functional Training is appropriate and adaptable for both young adults looking to improve athletic performance, and older adults looking to improve balance and strength.

Just how adaptable is Functional Training? One person might be working on standing up out of a chair without using their arms and lifting their arms overhead, while another might be doing a dumbbell squat-to-press on a BOSU. Both people are using the foundational movement patterns of squat and push to improve their strength, stability, and mobility.



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