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The Better Plank Series: Pull Through and Step Through Planks

This week we’re combining the foundational movement patterns of plank and rotation or anti-rotation to break down two other plank variations; plank with pull through and plank with step through.

Nearly all equipment-based sports ranging from golf to baseball to lacrosse involve rotation to generate power. Developing strength and stability through your core with plank variations that involve rotation translate nicely to a foundation for safe and powerful rotational movement patterns in sports.

Plank with Step Through

When it comes to rotation, different areas of your spine allow more or less. Your low back, or lumbar spine, is the least mobile in rotation (not counting your sacrum which is fused and immobile). Avoid injury to your lower back when rotating by making sure that your belly button always rotates with you, or in the case of anti-rotation make sure you stay stable through your core through the entire range of motion.

Anti-rotation is holding a strong and stable core against an opposing force that is trying to pull you into rotation. Notice the focus on stability instead of movement here.

Plank with Pull Through


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