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Discover How to Workout with a Personal Trainer From Home So You Can Finally Have an Exercise Routine that Works for Your Life.


Introducing Caitlin Live

Live One-on-One Online Personal Training via Zoom

Meet with your personal trainer live via Zoom for focused and efficient workouts with simple effective movements and compound exercises.


The workouts will challenge your nervous system with balance and coordination and your heart and lungs with circuit training. 


Your personal trainer will push you to grow into what you are capable of doing. 

What People Say

"She structures great custom-tailored workouts and long-term plans that maximize my time and effort."

Caitlin is an exceptionally great trainer! Caitlin understands my physical limits, capacities, and goals. She structures great custom-tailored workouts and long term plans that maximize my time and effort. She has helped me with nutrition, injury prevention and rehab, and introduced me to great aerobic exercise-oriented apps. Caitlin also is a terrific, understanding, flexible, and lovely person with an impeccable professional demeanor.

"I am in much better mental and physical condition than I was before."

Caitlin has been been an excellent choice for me as my trainer twice a week for four years now. I am in much better mental and physical condition than I was before we started training together. I have especially appreciated Caitlin’s ability to modify exercises to address various aches and pains I have had. 


"I've been able to half the dose of my blood pressure medicine and my balance has markedly improved."

Thanks Caitlin for making me the best I can be! Thanks to you, I've been able to half the dose of my blood pressure medicine and my balance has markedly improved. Your gentle coaching style and encouragement has led me to accomplish fitness goals I never thought possible. You are the best personal trainer I have ever known in my sixty plus years in this world.



Certified By

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About Caitlin

Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Training Specialist

Caitlin has been helping clients achieve an active lifestyle since 2012. The Sports Medicine degree she earned from Pepperdine University while competing as an NCAA Division I Cross Country and Track athlete, coupled with her numerous fitness certifications, equip her with the knowledge and experience to adapt workouts to fit the needs of clients ranging from post-rehab to older adults to busy professionals. Caitlin believes you can live a healthier life regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.


Caitlin has a heart for the injured athlete. Her gentle coaching style, adaptability, and accountability will get you moving.

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